:: Competition Terms Defined

The following terms are used to describe the various teams in a Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC):

:: Gold Team/Operations Team: competition officials that organize, run, and manage the competition.
:: White Team: competition officials that observe team performance in their competition area and evaluate team performance and rule compliance.
:: Red Team: penetration testing professionals simulating external hackers attempting to gain unauthorized access to competition teams’ systems.
:: Black Team: competition support members that provide technical support, pick-up and deliver communications, and provide overall administrative support to the competition.
:: Blue Team/Competition Team: the institution competitive teams consisting of students competing in a CCDC event.
:: Team Captain: a student member of the Blue Team identified as the primary liaison between the Blue Team and the White Team.
:: Team Co-Captain: a student member of the Blue Team identified as the secondary or backup liaison between the Blue Team and the White Team, should the Team Captain be unavailable (e.g. not in the competition room).
:: Team Representatives: a faculty or staff representative of the Blue Team’s host institution responsible for serving as a liaison between competition officials and the Blue Team’s institution.


:: Mid-Atlantic CCDC Business Scenario: Haven Electric CoOp (HEC)

Each year’s CyberWatch Mid-Atlantic Collegiate Cyber Defense Competition (CCDC) presents a new business scenario and cutting-edge technologies that mimic those in the real-world.

This year’s business scenario involves student teams working for Haven Electric CoOp (HEC), a national electricity provider. With operations all around the United States, HEC is a leading grid manager and reseller of Power Management Units (PMUs).  As an employee of HEC, the students will have access to the HEC Credit Union, where they can conduct their day-to-day banking.